A Good Day starts with A Good Wake-Up

Slipso is a friendly device that is focused on changing your habits to lead you a fresh wake up experience. It is your personal Sleeping Manager that measures, monitors and controls the sleeping.


Bio Alarm of the Future

Slipso is an awearable bio-alarm device that continuously tracks your sleeping and dynamically wakes you up during the best possible light stage of your sleep, helping you to wake up easily and start your day more vital.



SLIPSO is an awearable technology that is designed to be slim, that fits under your bed lining. With its innovative clipper it is so easy to stable it to the corner of the bed. You can feel the SLIPSO working by its lights by slightly tapping to it. 


Rithm of Life

Even after a long night sleep, did you ever feel tired when your alarm goes off to wake you up? This situation might happen when you got woken up during your deep sleep phase. During the sleep a person goes different sleeping phases which are light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. However, it is the worse to wake up when the alarm goes off during the deep sleep then you fell tired and groggy. But if you are awoken during the lightest stage of sleep you will feel more refreshed and energetic. For example, if you set your alarm for 7am, SLIPSO will wake you up when if it detects your lightest stage of sleep at 6.40 depend on your sleeping habits and your cycles.


Wake Up Before The Sun

After many researches about Good sleep and Good wakeup. We found out that the most important thing you can do is manage your "Time of Wakeup". For more Details. Check our Secrets Part