Product Design and Development Process

Ground Zero

Process & Strategy

Our process has been refined over many projects. It is based on rapid iterations that produce a solid product and prototypes that can be viewed, assessed, tested, and refined. Just tell us about your idea and we'll see how can we help to you.

Stage 1

Concept  Design 

We listen you and conceptualize your idea in a natural way. improve it to the un-natural until we find a good balance.  

We start off in sketches,2D and work our way into 3D detailing your visualization step by step.

Stage 2

Industrial Design

With 3D modelling, we can do anything from testing complex mechanisms to rendering beautiful photo-realistic renderings.

We’re experts in Solidworks and Rhino. 

Stage 2.1

Branding & Graphics

A great product deserves great branding. We understand the importance of brand identity. 

Stage 3


A new product must exceed user expectations about performance, quality, and cost. It may also need to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Tricky assembly; sophisticated materials selection; novel manufacturing processes; complex stress, thermal, or vibration concerns – we can find a way through.

Stage 3.1

Electronic Engineering

Our expertise on miniature and ultra low power electronics made possible many new ideas 

  • System Design

  • Schematic Design

  • PCB Design

  • Firmware Design

  • Electronic Protoyping

  • Mobile Application

We are using best tools and licensed with Altium Designer 

Stage 4


We run through three tiers of prototyping : Alpha, Beta and Final stages to ensure quality production. Each tier of prototyping is set to reduce any imperfections in the final stage before reaching mass production

Stage 5


To design a great product, you must know the process. So we apply our knowledge of manufacturing right at the start of your project.

Component suppliers and potential contract manufacturers are engaged early in the design or work closely with your in-house production team. This removes surprises during the new product introduction process to minimize the development cost and reduce time required to complete manufacturing set-up for full production