We like to chase down crazy ideas.


Next level Technologies with mechanics, software and electronics all combined is our expertise. Especially on ultra low power battery operated Embedded Systems with sensor fusion tecnologies with mechanical actuators. 

Our Know-How consist of products from various sectors, mainly Consumer Electronics and security systems some of them you can see below..

If you are a person or company any sized and have a crazy idea. We would love to hear it. We can Tune it up, level it up, speed it up. Thanks to our broad network of design partners from all over the world .

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Yeryüzünde Üstü
Online Marketplace

Product: Bilbordia

Vertical: OOH

Date: 2020

Information: Online platform for Billboards; like Adwords is for ads on Google. Top of the funnel


Consumer Electronics

Product: DOOH CAKE

Vertical: OOH

Publish Date: 2019

Partner up: IO212

Information:  DOOH Advertising with motorcyles

Advertising, LED Screens, Electric Motorcycles, marketing tech., Industrial Design. Ösa Motorcycle accessory


Product: Expresso

Vertical: Mobility

Date: 2019

Customer: Concept Work

Information: You know you can order many things from your mobile device. However when it comes to coffee there is no way to Order your Cappucino hot & unshaken. Leave Expresso to solve that problem by mobile order & manufacturing your coffee on your delivery spot. Where ever you are does not matter, in the office or in the park.

Consumer Electronics

Product: Speaknode

Vertical: Telecommunication 

Date: 2019

Customer: Tooli

Information: Wireless voice communication device. Wifi 2.4, Embedded Android, SIP servers, Far field Mic, Echo Cancellation.


WhatsApp Image 2019-08-08 at 19.37.41.jp
Consumer Electronics

Product: Cuiq

Vertical: Medical

Date: 2019

Customer: Curaprox (Tested)

Information: Standalone Toothbrush Timer. 

with Ultra low power technology and shake wakeup. 

Consumer Electronics
Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 16.46.48_edite

Product: Koala

Vertical: Medical

Date: 2015

Customer: Consumer Market

Information: Universal Toothbrush Manager, with Bluetooth & Cloud Properties

Consumer Electronics

Product: DiaWatch

Vertical: Medical

Date: 2013

Customer: Biomeds

Information: Smart Watch with mobile Applicaion. Ble4.0, Miniature Electronic Design, IOS Interface 

Consumer Electronics

Product: Slipso

Vertical: Medical

Publish Date: 2013

Customer: Consumer Market

Information: Sleep Manager. 

Ble4.0, Miniature Electronic Design, Sleep Processing Algrotimhs, Cloud Communication, IOS APP 

Bio Alarm Of the Future 


Product: Static Oriantation Sensor

Vertical: Telecom & Navigation

Date: 2013

Bulletproof compass with rock solid design and very good calibration properties. During these times where magnetic shift is exponencialy increasing, it migth ligth your way to the center of the new pole. 

Fully integrated module that includes firmware for heading computation and calibration for magnetic distortions. The module combines 3-axis magneto-resistive sensors and 3-axis MEMS accelerometers, analog and digital support circuits, microprocessor and algorithms required for heading computation.

A complete, ready to use tilt-compensated electronic compass. The sensors feature precision sensitivity and linearity, solid-state construction with very low cross-axis sensitivity designed to measure both direction and magnitude of Earth’s magnetic fields. Please Contact for details.

System Enginnering

SATCOM System Enginnering

SOTM systems getting highly avaibilable in many areas. This technology is enabling us to communicate freely in remote areas.  

We have expertise on designing complex systems, we can help you to solve your any design problem of your system.

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