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Create Daily & Healty Habits


Time To Talk!

We know your secret. 90% of you brush your teeth for 30 seconds and act like 2 mins for the sake of social ..... We want to improve this habit..... 


Be Aware

Your Toothbrush is getting Smart!

Know when and how you brush your teeth. Measure, Monitor and Control.


Mobile Application

You can always Monitor your Brushing Data from your mobile app or Web browser via Cloud Appilcation


Measure Monitor Control

  • Koala is a small-sized, habit creating device which can be attached to any toothbrush.

  • Koala guides you to brush your teeth properly with sound notifications.

  • Koala has a buzzer inside therefore you don't need to get the sound notifications.

  • Koala records your brushing habits and helps you to improve your technique.

  • With mobile and web applications, you can manage and monitor your and your loved-ones brushing habits. 


Be Flexible

Do you love your current toothbrush? We love it too, that's why we designed Koala in a way that it can fit most of the toothbrushes in the market. We are working with professional materials engineers to design the elastic case of the device so it can hold 30mm to 55mm circumference.


Have Fun

Your little ones will love Koala! You can make this "boring" daily activity fun for them. They can play games while brushing their teeth, level-up in the family! Who doesn't love playing games right?

Up to 6 months of battery life, water resistance and 4 colour options.