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Thanks to the latest advancements in the technology, Sensev Technology is trying to combine the latest technology in every part of its products as in sensing elements, computational parts, manufacturing technics and the intelligent algorithms to innovate its products.

We are focused on sensing the information of the user in an intelligent and innovative way and we know that there is no time lose so that we also focused on maximizing the battery life by using advanced battery management and energy harvesting methods.


Sensev Technology founded to observe and contribute to the transformation of Human Life for the better. We are developing high tech tools for you that can assist you in the journey of self-awareness. We are designing wearable devices for you and your home to know yourself.

Company is also producing MEMS based sensor systems. 3D static orientation sensor and High Performance Gyro Sensor systems are ideal solutions for antenna pointing and platform stabilization systems.

The company is established in 2013 by the help of Ministry of Science Industry and Technology in İstanbul Turkey. We are a group of engineers, students, academicians and designers that are trying to improve the human and machine relations, ease-of-use and simplicity.


  • Address:Reşitpaşa Mah. İTÜ Loj. Vadi Blokları 2/A2 Kat 2/04 Sarıyer, İstanbul 34467
  • Phone:+90 212 285 0404
  • Email:berkan@sensev.com.tr